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We're in Beta!

You're invited to participate in the beta of Pros or Cons, which will be debuting in 2015, but you get to check it out first! Use the beta account to check out the features and benefits of this new online community and provide invaluable feedback for improvement and future ideas.

ProsOrCons Main Features and Benefits:

  • Pro, Con or Fan pages
  • Accounts allow for Information Posts
  • Keyword subscribing, ie. Marvel, Deadpool, DC
  •\”Username” direct link page
  • Auto push to Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Subscribing to follow a Profile Page
  • Discussion Forums
  • Brick and Mortar Store Locator Service
  • Full Convention Calendar
  • Site Advertising Space Available
  • Private Messaging
  • (COMING SOON) Pro and Con matching based on (distance, price, etc)
  • (COMING SOON) Shopping cart
  • (COMING SOON) Classifieds (Writer seeking Artist, vice versa)

If you have any questions or comments about the site or its functionality, let us know!

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